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Proven Execution Skills

  • Our team has created several multi-billion dollar companies from scratch and has access to a global network of business, government and philanthropic leaders.
  • Our team has over 100 years of experience in mineral extraction from Brine, including large-scale lithium extraction using a prior version of our technology.
  • Our team raised hundreds of millions in early stage capital and taken several companies public, including listing them on senior stock exchanges.
  • Our team has established and managed large-scale operations across the globe.
  • Our team is the major shareholder of the company and are focused on maintaining a sound share structure and financing the company in ways that benefit existing and future shareholders.

Access to High-Value High-Potential Assets and Technologies

  • Access to North American Lithium Inc.’s (NAL) lithium extraction technology that would allow us to become the lowest cost producer of lithium using this proven and proprietary lithium extraction process from oilfield and geothermal brines.
  • Secured Option to purchase 37,500 acres previously leased for oil, gas and lithium extraction by Woodbury and Bi-Petro in the ‘Woodbury Carper Lithium Resource Project’.
  • Secured rights to acquire 75% in 3 mineral tenements covering approximately 540 km2 comprising the Bygoo Tin project located in the central area of the state of New South Wales, Australia from Thomson Resources.
  • Begun global efforts to secure mineral assets and technologies that meet our investment philosophy and criteria.

Addressing the Most Critical Needs of one of the Fastest Growing Markets

  • Over 75% of New Energy Capacity in 2025 would be Renewable by 2025 – and renewable energy needs batteries to be truly relevant.
  • Bloomberg concludes that Batteries capable of storing power at utility scale will be as widespread in 12 years as rooftop solar panels are now, revolutionizing the way consumers use energy. It further states that the energy storage market may be valued at $250 billion or more by 2040, and expects 25 GW of the devices to be deployed by 2028. Currently, less than 1 GW of batteries are operating on the grid around the world – which means that the market with be 25X larger within 10 years.
  • There is either a current or near-future supply-demand gap for lithium, tin, cobalt and tantalum and an immediate need for lower cost minerals to bring energy storage to the mainstream.


Enabling the Battery Industry to reach $100/kWh within the next 5 years and truly realize the full potential of renewable energy.

Investment Philosophy

International Battery Metals is focused on identifying, evaluating and investing in mining assets and processing/extraction technologies that enables it to attain and maintain its cost-leadership position in providing the most critical minerals for the battery industry. International Battery Metals after careful evaluation of a variety of minerals, technological advancement, supply-demand imbalance, and internal strengths is focused on tin, lithium, cobalt and tantalum. International Battery Metals will use its global relationships, industry expertise, and proven experience to establish and manage large-scale operations to achieve its mission.