Enabling the Battery Industry to reach $100/kWh within the next 5 years and truly realize the full potential of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy is Here to Stay.

Over 75% of New Energy Capacity
in 2025 would be Renewable.
Renewable Energy Generation Needs Energy Storage.
Some of the Fastest
Growing Global Markets:
Solar, Wind, Geothermal...
all need Batteries
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International Battery Metals, Inc. (CSE: IBAT | OTCQB: RHHNF) is a company focused towards furthering the cleantech revolution by providing important minerals and materials used for making batteries for energy storage.

Energy storage is key to truly realize the full potential of renewable energy technologies, and batteries are the most important component of energy storage. Batteries use many rare, declining, single-source country, and expensive metals – by utilizing our expertise, network and proprietary technologies in the mining, extraction and processing ecosystem we will enable a stable and economically viable supply of minerals for the energy storage industry. We are pursuing both readily-producible accessible resource of battery metals and disruptive technologies to extract battery metals to be the cost leader in the industry.


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Experienced Team

  • Created multi-billion dollar companies from a scratch
  • Raised hundreds of million dollars in early stage capital
  • Over 100 years of experience in mineral and lithium extraction from Brine
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Growing Market

  • 75% of new energy capacity within 10 years would be renewable and would need batteries
  • The energy storage market may be valued at $250 billion or more by 2040
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Proprietary Technology/Assets

  • Access to the the lowest cost lithium extraction technology
  • Secured rights to acquire large tin mining properties in Australia
  • Secured rights for brine properties with high lithium content
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