About Us

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International Battery Metals, Inc. is a company focused towards furthering the cleantech revolution by providing critical minerals used for making batteries for energy storage. Energy storage is key to truly realize the full potential of renewable energy technologies, and batteries are the most important component of energy storage. Batteries use many rare, declining, single-source country, and expensive metals – by utilizing our expertise, network and proprietary technologies in the mining, extraction and processing ecosystem we will enable a stable and economically viable supply of minerals for the energy storage batteries.


Enabling the Battery Industry to reach $100/kWh within the next 5 years and truly realize the full potential of renewable energy.

Investment Philosophy

International Battery Metals is focused on identifying, evaluating and investing in mining assets and processing/extraction technologies that enables it to attain and maintain its cost-leadership position in providing the most critical minerals for the battery industry. International Battery Metals after careful evaluation of a variety of minerals, technological advancement, supply-demand imbalance, and internal strengths is focused on tin, lithium, cobalt and tantalum. International Battery Metals will use its global relationships, industry expertise, and proven experience to establish and manage large-scale operations to achieve its mission.