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Lithium Extraction Technology

International Battery Metals, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed a definitive share exchange agreement with Selective Absorption Lithium (SAL), an innovative technology developer. SAL, headed up by John L Burba, PhD has developed advanced patent pending technology that is designed to deal with the demanding conditions associated with oil field brine resources.

SAL’s new technology is based on first generation selective absorption technology that Dr. Burba and Dr. Bill Bauman invented and sold to FMC Corporation in the early 1990’s.   Their inventions became the basis of FMC’s lithium extraction plant at Salar Hombre Muerto in Argentina, which has operated continuously for 20 yrs.

Dr. Burba and his partners have now pushed extractive metallurgy of lithium containing brines beyond the technology that was acquired by FMC. They have invented what we believe will be the key to unlocking access to vast amounts of lithium that is trapped in the world’s subterranean brine resources.

Upon closing of this deal, International Battery Metals will launch an aggressive development program that will be focused on rapidly proving its technology and expansion to full scale operations.

An essential part of our strategy is to differentiate itself from the pack of lithium-oriented venture-stage companies by quickly going to the production stage using a proprietary technology. Not one of the other small resources companies engaged in lithium resource identification and acquisition has a viable process for extracting lithium on a commercial basis from a North American source in any reasonable time frame (i.e. less than five years). Most of the current processes are not proven; and hence have an inherent risk of being able to scale the technology to a commercial facility capable of delivering lithium products on a competitive cost basis.